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Taking a Rational Approach to Project Management

In project management, it is crucial to think outside the box to support your organization in its growth and evolution.

By providing a comprehensive approach to project management, we ensure successful outcomes and exceptional programs and projects.

Whether you need to rescue a project that has fallen off course, or develop strategies to guarantee the success of future projects, we have the expertise and experience to help. Through our knowledge-based services, we set out to support your mission, and assist your team in achieving your goals.

Our assignments span from strategic decisions, to project and change management. Since each mission is unique, we always begin by finding a customized solution that is tailored to your needs. We want to ensure that any changes we implement are beneficial for all aspects of your business.




Edgemar Consulting should be the obvious choice when companies and authorities want to develop, improve and clarify their operations, need support with rational project management, honest business analysis and insightful decision support.


We have highly experienced staff with expertise in a broad range of industries and include providing consultation for both civil and military assignments.

Combining expertise and experience from different areas creates a synergy effect that has been a great contributor to the business' success.



Transparent Choice

With Transparent Choice as our partner, we can help our customers make better decisions and manage their project portfolios, helping them get more value from their businesses.


Dean Fowler, Edgemar Consultings founder and CEO, is an IPMA B certified project management consultant with over a decade of experience running project management consultancies.

Prior to launching his first company, Dean worked as a systems engineer and project manager with the Swedish Defense Material Administrations (FMV) as a Naval Architect. His experience provided him with a unique vantage point, and allowed him to develop focus on wanting to solve problems and create a sense of balance within entire systems.

Named after a neighborhood in his hometown of Pacifica, California, he created Edgemar Consulting with the intention of providing honest, transparent services with pragmatic support that is rooted in his extensive knowledge and experience. He believes in building relationships and taking a more personal, down-to-earth approach to business. His integrity and holistic approach has allowed him to support countless organizations in achieving their mission.

Driven by curiosity and clarity, Dean has a keen ability to create connections between technology, politics, and economics. His deep understanding allows him to easily relay complex information, and gets the staff excited and motivated during each assignment.