By providing unbiased business analysis, rational project management, and insightful decision support, Edgemar Consulting strives to provide real value for its customers.


Whether you work in the public or private sector, Edgemar Consulting has the resources you need for strategic analysis, decision support, and change management.

Our mission is your mission. Our team supports your organization in building strong foundations that are focused on sustainable growth and success.

As Edgemar Consulting continues to evolve, the ambition of combining knowledge with practice and the desire to contribute remains present.

Your success is our top priority. Our team uses our collective skills and expertise to help your operation run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Understanding

    By identifying the root cause of our customers' challenges, we often find unexpected and cost-effective solutions

  • Commitment & Questioning -

    We like to learn as we go, so we ask our clients crucial questions that often result in the assignment being changed, or simply not being needed at all.

  • Decline

    We decline assignments that we are not confident in completing. We are dedicated to only delivering the highest quality results, which requires our full confidence that we can ensure the best possible outcome.

We are all committed to making a positive impact on society and to contributing wherever we can.

This commitment plays an integral role in our business, and is at the core of who we are.


Decision support


Our team has a proven track record of assisting our clients in making informed and firmly established decisions.

We utilize innovative software to visualize the entire decision-making process from start to finish.

Project management


Our pragmatic approach to project management has earned us a distinct reputation over the years.

We have a dedicated team of certified project evaluation professionals with a range of experience from leading fast paced agile projects, to managing large infrastructure programs.

Business analysis


At Edgemar Consulting, we take a holistic approach to business analysis. We integrate our collective technical expertise with our operational and business management experience, providing you with a balanced support system.

We offer business analysis services that range from various market analyses, to organizational analysis, change management, and development of strategic plans.


In most of our assignments we use our Edgemar approach based on 4 basic steps


Our first step will be to interview key stakeholders and to read through internal documents and previous studies to provide us with a vision of the tasks we will be assigned to.


We will then conduct an analysis of the findings following the workshops and studies. A second workshop may be scheduled if necessary.


Step two is to plan and implement workshops involving the personnel we have decided on together with the project manager. The workshop helps us gather information and establish the results.


The final step is to present the conclusions and findings of our assignment.The conclusion will always include a presentation and a report, but the format in which the findings are presented may vary and will be agreed-upon with the assignment manager prior to the conclusion.



We believe that success is found by building and maintaining lasting, meaningful relationships.

A client choosing to return to us again and again is the highest compliment we could ever receive. We strive to contribute to a collaborative environment where everyone benefits from the project.

Some of our greatest accomplishments thus far include:

  • Decision support for a new ticketing system
  • Decision support for a contract analysis
  • Program Management of infrastructure programs

  • Production of strategic development plans

  • Support for strategic analysis

  • Project management for a naval command & control system

  • System analysis for a naval communication system



With our decision support services, we have supported a number of organizations and projects, and most recently we worked with the Stockholm Public Transportation authority to assist with their new ticketing system program.

Our client needed assistance in choosing the best strategic approach for developing a new ticketing system. They were faced with the task of choosing from a variety of options ranging from procuring an off-the-shelf system, to recruiting their own programmers and developing the system in-house.

Our team at Edgemar provided support by identifying the criteria, and arranging a series of workshops to decide on and implement the best strategy for their organization.



Our team has been involved in both project and program management for a number of different projects in a variety of sectors, ranging from defense to infrastructure. As certified project evaluators, we have a robust portfolio, allowing us to manage a wide range of projects.

We recently served as deputy program manager for the Red Line Upgrade program at the Stockholm Public Transportation authority.

Having recently lost yet another program manager, the Stockholm Public Transport authority decided to take a new approach to its Red Line Upgrade project.

We supported the program by giving the deputy program manager the responsibility of updating the program goals, high level requirements, and restructuring all internal processes, as well as the handover process.



Our Business Analysis services are at the heart of Edgemar Consulting. Our team has been involved in a number of business analysis projects over the years.

Our most recent assignment was to support the Stockholm Public Transportation authority in developing plans for the authority's railroad system.

The Stockholm Public Transport authority decided to implement new asset management processes in order to better control its large railroad systems. A major piece of this project was the production of development plans that extend from present day, all the way through the year 2050.

We were honored that the Stockholm Public Transportation Authority placed their trust in Edgemar Consulting to take charge of this monumental task.